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PIT Part Deux

A few months ago I wrote about Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) training. I received a DVD with better quality pics from the training and finally got around to uploading them. The original versions of the PIT pics can be found on my Flickr site.

Patrol Cars Chasing Each Other

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Temporal Confusion and Trainings from Hell

Grumble...I was scheduled for training down in South San Francisco at 10:30am and I woke up at 09:45am. I had set my alarm clock for 8:15pm vs. 8:15am. Why oh why, doesn't anyone sell a 24hour alarm clock radio? I'm not talking about some bizarre alarm clock radio. Just a typical standard one that sits on a nightstand and can get AM and FM radio. Anyone know of one that I can get?
Alarm Clock
Why, oh why must you insist on AM/PM???

I once bought one in Italy and brought it back to the States. Unfortunately, the 50Hz vs 60Hz difference between US and them rendered the thing into a nice doorstop. Changing voltage is a lot easier than changing Hz. Sigh..

I actually did make it in time, without really breaking the light barrier...


The first session was OK. This afternoon's session though, what a waste. It's meant to be an overview on some forensics software. The guy had 30 computers there, but only had 24 activation keys so 6 of the computers were  doorstops. There were also about 50 people there without good ventilation so the place quickly became warm and hot with a bunch of grumpy cops. Yeah, that might sound like good times for some of ya, but trust me it wasn't.

To make matters worse, the instructor didn't even have an outline or an agenda. It was just a random walk through nothingness.. What a waste of time and space...


Luckily the break came along after 2 (!) hours and I hightailed it outta there (along with about 1/2 the class) and evac'ed to another one about counterfeiting in China. Much more interesting and a lot less grumpy cops.