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Google: Now More Colorful

Looks like Google has once again changed their favicon. I dislike this newest one the most. It's too bright in my opinion and stands out too much. It might be better if the colors weren't as saturated.
Current Favicon
Previous Favicon
Original Favicon

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Defender of the Favicons

I went to the DHL website today and found something quite horribly annoying. For some insane reason, DHL has an animated favicon on their website. favicons, also known as website icons, are the little tiny icons that lets you know what site you're viewing up at the top of your browser, next to the website address. Moving, animated things drive me nutso. Bright yellow and red moving things makes me want to visit the person responsible with a WASP Injector Knife.


I sent DHL a nastygram about their website. A quick search online shows that I'm not the only one who is unhappy about their embracement of technology.

Why can't there be more interesting things done with favicons, such as what the "Defender of the favicon" creator did where you can play a full game of Defender in the icon?? Unfortunately, I don't think the Defender favicon works on Internet Explorer. You need to use Firefox, Safari or Opera. Sorry IE folks, no Defender game for you! :-(

Save All Humans from Animated Favicons