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I Still Want a Hula Hoop (I Think)

I frequently go to a diner that dates back to the 50's here in California and recently celebrated its 60th year anniversary. The majority of its current clientele wasn't even born when it opened.

They have jukebox selectors on every table that actually work and it's tied  into a master jukebox and the overhead speakers. Unfortunately, the speaker volume tends to be preset so late at night when there are not many customers it can get a little loud.

The jukebox has the requisite 50's fare, along with modern selections such as Kanye, Carrie Underwood and a couple of current pop Mexican stars, reflecting the diverse mix of people that frequent the place..It often leads to some odd pairings of songs, i.e. Beach Boys followed by Flo Rida followed by Michael Jackson. The discs are rotated in and out on a regular basis, keeping the music interesting to say the least. Around the holidays, Christmas songs are added to the mix. Every once in a while the owner messes up loading the discs and what you want isn't what you get. Most times it's innocuous, sometimes it's not..

Last night at around 1am, me and a couple of other officers were having lunch (at least it was lunch for us) at the diner in a corner booth. One of the officers slipped a quarter into the selector at our table and picked Toby Keith's "Made in America", at least that's what it said it was.

About 30 seconds later, it wasn't Toby Keith we heard. Instead we got Alvin and the Chipmunk's Christmas song blaring at about 80 decibels over the loudspeakers. Suffice it to say it got the attention of the entire staff and the other customers in the place. Everyone also quickly realized the selection came from our table. It didn't help that the officer that chose the song yelled "That's not Toby Keith!" loud enough for everyone to hear. He'll probably be a detective soon with his acute powers of observation.

We got ribbed by our waitress the rest of our stay there. I have a feeling we're not going to live that down anytime soon.

For those of you unfamiliar with this lovely song, you can experience it below. Enjoy.

Ye Olde Yule Log

bullneck had a post earlier today about his thoughts on living in Washington, D.C.. It got me reminiscing about times when i used to travel to D.C. on a regular basis for work. I always enjoyed D.C., especially around Christmas time at night. The combination of the chilly night air, the memorials and the Christmas decorations turns the city magical.

My all time favorite D.C. site is something that is only found during the month of December. During other times of the year it's covered over by plates and sod. What is it? It's the National Yule Log, also known as Ye Olde Yule Log. The United States actually has a National Yule Log and it's no tiny thing. It's this giant burning and glowing pit between the Washington Memorial and the White House on the Ellipse.

The National Yule Log

I was going to write about the National Yule Log, but while searching for a picture of the Yule Log, I ran across a Washington Post article from 2007. I think it really captures the spirit of the Yule Log and why I love it so much. After reading the article, I realized I could do no better, so here is the article for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you ever get to D.C. during December I highly recommend visiting Ye Olde Yule Log at night. It's truly magical.

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Christmas Tree Lighting

I had a crappy day at work today, so I decided to go down to see the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in the Castro tonight. I saw a flyer for it a few days ago. I thought it was odd to have the tree lighting ceremony the same day as World AIDS Day.
Before LightingAfter Lighting
There was a crowd of about 100 people or so gathered around the tree in front of the Bank of America on Castro. The LGSF Choir sang and the Gay Freedom band played holiday tunes. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence gave a blessing of the tree and Bevan Dufty and other San Francisco politicians made speeches. Even the 12 Galaxies guy was there.
Bevan Dufty
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Choir Singing12 Galaxies Guy
After the blessing, they had a countdown and the tree was lit. For some strange reason, most likely because a local radio station, Energy 92.7, was sponsoring it, they suddenly started playing techno dance music. That broke up the crowd real fast and changed the mood. Were they expecting people to start dancing in front of the tree?

I ran into my friend Armistead at the festivities and talked with him for a while. I was taking a picture of him when some random guy just jumped in the middle of it. Here is the result. I have no idea who that other guy is and obviously neither did Armistead. Oh well.

Armistead with Some Random Photo Crasher
More pics can be found on my Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cop4cbt/sets/72157610567011089/