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Protesters Trapped my Truck

I went to get a burrito tonight and came out to find my truck trapped by about 50 protesters at the corner of 18th and Castro.

Maine Protesters in San Francisco
The group was obviously a lot smaller than last year's protest and seemed rather disorganized. There were a lot of confused people standing around watching them from the sidelines as they took over the middle of the intersection. It must have been the social event of the evening because even the 12 Galaxies guy was there.

12 Galaxies are for same sex marriage

After a few minutes of chanting I heard one of the lead organizers tell another organizer that it was time to move everyone to the sidewalk because SFPD was going to arrest them soon. They self moved onto the sidewalk, but one guy refused to budge.

Protest of One

None of his fellow protesters helped him out or joined him. Eventually the guy gave up and left. The traffic dissipated and I retrieved my truck. Why do protests keep happening *after* the results are in?

More pics are at my Flickr site:
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