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Information Wants to be Free

One of my mantras has always been that information wants to be free. I've always loved the book Fahrenheit 451 and found it ironic that a book that is often associated with censorship has been subject to censorship itself. Restricting information rarely works over the long term. Eventually it will get out. The question becomes do you want to control how the information is released or do you want to deal with the consequences of an uncontrolled release later. The Internet has proven to be a great magnifier of information dissemination.

Here in California we have a political donation disclosure law that requires public release of donation information for any amount over $100.00. I seriously doubt that the drafters of this law would have ever dreamed where this has lead. Some people have decided to use this public information along with Google maps so that now you can see who in your neighborhood donated to help Proposition 8 to win. Ironically, the people who created this site are attempting to maintain their anonymity.

The site has already created a bit of a stir. Some people have used it to "harass" their neighbors. There is talk about modifying the California law to prohibit disclosure of individual donations or to prohibit usage of this type of information in this form. I personally think this would be a travesty. I think sites like this are great. I hope to see more of them in the future and I think more disclosure is better. What do you think about this trend?

You can find this site at It covers the entire United States. Enjoy.
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